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Pass In Review is the official newsletter of the Idaho Military Historical Society.

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EditionDatedProfilesVOQFeature Stories
Spring 2022June-22New Acquisitions, Upcoming Events, WWII WORD JUMBLEBrief History of the 1st Idaho
Volunteer Infantry, Museum Moments
Winter 2022Jan-22Promotion of Private Malarkey to Private First Class, Book Review: TO RESCUE THE REPUBLIC-Ulysses S. Grant,
The Fragile Union, and the Crisis of 1876
Museum Artifacts, Museum Moments, NEW: Word Search
Fall 2021Fall-21A Brief History of Idaho’s 183rd Field Artillery Idaho National Guard, Museum Visitors, New Exhibit
Summer 2021June-21M1 Machine Gun Cart RestorationUnited States Navy Convalescent Hospital
United States Naval Special Hospital
Sun Valley Ketchum, Idaho
July 1943 - January 1946
Fall 2020November-20U.S. Marine Makes History Boise Woman and Boise State University Graduate, Volunteer Spotlight Ron Galloway, In Memory of John Urquhart
Idaho Internment Camps
Summer 2020July-20The Life of Willie Willey, Mike Swenson - Volunteer SpotlightCombat Artwork
Winter 2019Dec-19Captain Levi Lundberg, WWI veteran from Idaho Montagnard Crossbow & Quiver, Farragut Naval Training Station 1942–1946
Summer 2019Aug-19 Major Edward McConville of Lewiston, commander of the 2nd Battalion of the 1st Idaho Volunteer regiment 1st Idaho Volunteers and the Philippine campaign , Glenn Miller’s Army Air Force Band
Fall 2018Oct-18WWI chest with ties to Idaho found in France, Remembering the USS Idaho (BB-42)
Spring 2018Apr-18PFC Glenn W. Salisbury/MIA, remains foundGAU-8/A Avenger gun: The ‘Warthog’s’ weapon,
Fall 2017Oct-17Obituary for MG Lafrenz and MoH Arthur Jackson
Spring 2017May-17Albert H. Capwell (TAG)
Winter 2017Dec-16Bill Coburn, IDANG retiredIDANG marks 7 Decades of Service
Summer 2016Jul-16Nicholas Maher (Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipient)
Winter 2016Feb-16WWII B-17 Pilots History Found At The Museum
Summer 2015Jul-15Elaine Lopes (Rosie Riveter)
Spring 2015Feb-15Daniel W. DavisUSS Idaho and Whitehouse China
Summer 2014Aug-14William "Bill" Norman
Winter 2014Feb-14William H. Smith
Fall 2013Sep-13Lynn Southwick (Gowen Field WAC)
3rd Qtr 2012Sep-12
2nd Qtr 2012Jun-12Francis Oliver (Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipieint)
1st Qtr 2012Mar-12Boise's Minute Maids
4th Qtr 2011Dec-11George Harper (Farragut NTS Grad)
3rd Qtr 2011Sep-11William H. Drumm (B-24 Pilot, trained at G.F.)
2nd Qtr 2011Jun-11Wilfred Clark (Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipient)
1st Qtr 2011Mar-11Jessica Ann Ellis
4th Qtr 2010Dec-10Frank Stanley Reasoner (Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient)
3rd Qtr 2010Sep-10DeVou Evan HumphreysBoise Armory on Reserve St.
2nd Qtr 2010Jun-10Oscar V. Peterson (WWII Medal of Honor recipient)Sergeant City
1st Qtr 2010Mar-10Nicole W. Smith
4th Qtr 2009Dec-09David Vickers (Idaho Adjutant General)
3rd Qtr 2009Sep-09Frederick F. Lester (WWII Medal of Honor recipient)The WWII Farragut Naval Training Station
2nd Qtr 2009Jun-09John W. Conaway (Civil War Medal of Honor recipient)FANGO 45, MAYDAY!
1st Qtr 2009Mar-09Effie Elda Johnson
4th Qtr 2008Dec-08Guy Simpson
3rd Qtr 2008Sep 08Dan D. Schoonover (Korean War Medal of Honor recipient)
2nd Qtr 2008Jun-08Lloyd G. McCarter (WWII Medal of Honor recipient)Randy Bain
1st Qtr 2008Mar-08Lenore JohnstonCharles Ake & Jeff Packer
4th Qtr 2007Dec-07Harry Garland (Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipient)Jeremy MadernCamas Meadows
3rd Qtr 2007Sep 07Willard A Bill HeathTed Brownfield
2nd Qtr 2007Jun-07David B. Bleak (updated-Korean War Medal of Honor recipient)SSG Chuck JohnsMuseum Unveils David B. Bleak's Korean War Medal of Honor
1st Qtr 2007Mar-07Betty Miller Corn (First woman in Idaho Air Nat'l Guard)Steve Bonde
4th Qtr 2006Dec-06James S. Brooks (Idaho Adjutant General)Ray and Effie Rae Wallace
3rd Qtr 2006Sep 06Charles F. Humphrey (Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipient)Jim DavissonThe Battle at Clearwater
2nd Qtr 2006Jun-06Genevieve E. BoguslawskiKyle KahmMuseum Receives Korean War Medal of Honor
1st Qtr 2006Mar-06Gurdon H. Barter (Civil War Medal of Honor recipient)Gayle AlvarezCivil War Medal of Honor Presented!
4th Qtr 2005Dec-05Richard Moses Longfellow, Jr. (Philipine Insurection Medal of Honor recipient)Yancy & Lisa Mailes
3rd Qtr 2005Sep-05John Henry Hays (Civil War Medal of Honor recipient)
2nd Qtr 2005Jun-05Thomas G. Lanphier, Jr. (Founder of Idaho Air Nat'l Guard)Rick Johnson
1st Qtr 2005Mar-05Dorothy Still DannerTreva Hamilton
4th Qtr 2004Dec-04Richard Clamor Heise (Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipient)Harlan AndrijeskiTruman's Relief of MacArthur, Korea 1951
3rd Qtr 2004Sep-04Edward McConvilleHeath Robison/Jim DoeringBattle of Cottonwood Skirmishes
2nd Qtr 2004Jun-04Leonard C. Brostrom (WWII Medal of Honor Recipient)Bill Miller148th FA WWII Call To Arms
1st Qtr 2004Mar-04Ray Louis Servatius (Korean War POW)Terry Curtis
4th Qtr 2003Dec-03James Kephart (Civil War Medal of Honor recipient)Reuben Wilske
3rd Qtr 2003Sep-03Paul R. Gowen (For whom Gowen Field is named)Bryan Johnson
2nd Qtr 2003Jun-03Robert D. Maxwell (WWII Medal of Honor recipient)John McKay
1st Qtr 2003Mar-03James E. Johnson (Korean War Medal of Honor recipient)Steve Bonde190th FS Gets the Call
4th Qtr 2002Dec-02Arthur J. Jackson (WWII Medal of Honor recipient)Fran King
3rd Qtr 2002Sep-02Mervin G. McConnel (Idaho Adjutant General)Doug Doehle
2nd Qtr 2002Jun-02Ed W. Freeman (Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient)Kay BenboughMuseum Hosts WWII 10th Mtn Div Veteran
1st Qtr 2002Mar-02Herbert A Littleton (Korean War Medal of Honor recipient)Marie Crandall148th FAB Gets the Call / / Museum Hosts Bataan Death March Survivor
4th Qtr 2001Dec-01William Russell Parnell (Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipient)Gus HofertBattle of White Bird, Part II
3rd Qtr 2001Oct-01Michael McCarthy (Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipient)Max MoorehouseBattle of White Bird, Part I
2nd Qtr 2001Jun-01William Kenzo Nakamua (WWII Medal of Honor recipient)Mel AdamsonMinidoka Relocation Center
1st Qtr 2001Mar-01Reginald Rodney Myers (Korean War Medal of Honor recipient)116th ECB Gets the Call
4th Qtr 2000Dec-00Vernon Joseph Baker (WWII Medal of Honor recipient)Stan OgsburyAustralia Update
3rd Qtr 2000Sep-00David B. Bleak / John Green Update (Both Medal of Honor recipieints)Gayle AlvarezEducational Outreach Reached Out (Australia)
2nd Qtr 2000Jun-00Bernard Francis Fisher / / Thomas Neibaur Update (Both Medal of Honor recipients)Fred Anderson
1st Qtr 2000Mar-00Nathan K. (Junior) VanNoy (WWII Medal of Honor recipient)Cynthia Strader
4th Qtr 1999Dec-99John Green (Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipient)Ben & Joyce Steffens
3rd Qtr 1999Sep-99Thomas C. Neibaur (WWI Medal of Honor recipient)Stan Herzinger
2nd Qtr 1999Jun-99George B. Bennett (Idaho Adjutant General)Gretchen Calwell
1st Qtr 1999Mar-99Daniel W. Davis (WWII POW)Herbert Berlier
4th Qtr1998Dec-98Joseph M. BraunArt & Mary Cozine
3rd Qtr 1998Oct-98Nat "Blackie" Adams
2nd Qtr 1998Jul-98Richard T. Clemens
1st Qtr 1998Apr-98WASPS at Gowen Field
4th Qtr 1997Jan-981st Idaho Regiment 1890-1899
3rd Qtr 1997Oct-97MAJ PinckneyFort Boise
2nd Qtr 1997Jul-97
1st Qtr 1997Apr-97
4th Qtr 1996Jan-97
3rd Qtr 1996Oct-96
Vol 1. No 6May-96
Vol 1. No 5Nov-95
Vol 1. No 4Sep-95
Vol 1. No. 3Jun-95Battle of Santa Ana, Part II
Vol 1. No. 2Dec-94Battle of Santa Ana, Part I
Vol 1. No. 1Apr-94The Society Comes To Life
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