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IMHS Strategic Plan

The Vision of the IMHS is to inspire a sense of place and history for the citizens of Idaho by collecting, studying, interpreting, and preserving the region’s natural and cultural heritage. This includes the Museum’s core areas of collecting the history of Idaho and its military presence. The Museum’s focus further includes, but is not limited to the diverse military history of Idaho and all of its citizens.

The IMHS will educate and enlighten the people of Idaho of its proud military history. The IHMS has diversity in its large and increasing membership and encourages maximum creativity and participation from members and the citizens of Idaho. The IHMS works cooperatively with the historical programs and facilities of other historical societies along with outreach to civilian organizations, the Idaho Military Division, and other military organizations. Fundraising, grants and endowments are used in IHMS projects and acquisitions.

See our complete strategic master plan, completed in June 2018.

Strategic Master Plan 2023

Our Goals

  • To provide high quality historical exhibits of particular significance to those interested in military history, with an emphasis on Idaho Military history. To maintain and continually update a long-range collection plan based on themes, exhibits, and eras. The plan includes permanent, rotating, and mobile exhibits.
  • To develop and implement a plan to increase the visibility and accessibility of the museum.
  • To increase public awareness of the Museum and IMHS by publicity events, mobile exhibits, educational outreach programs, news releases, membership activities, and meeting room usage.
  • To implement and expand our educational outreach program with emphasis on enriching Idaho public and private school curricula. To implement an aggressive endowment program for the long-term financial security of the Society.
  • To conduct eight membership-generating activities during the fiscal year.
  • To expand our Reference/Research Library for use by all members of the public. To enlist Corporate Sponsors for Special Projects.
  • To provide consultation to the Commanding Generals staff on unit memorials, and perform oversight and inspection of Gowen Field external equipment displays.
  • To assist the Commanding Generals staff with information and reports to develop a state budget allotment for museum operations.- The Board
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