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The Museum

The Museum has something for everybody!

The images in the photo gallery below do not show all the exhibits we have but it gives a feel for what the Museum has to offer.

We also have a nice static display of military vehicles outside the Museum, which includes:

  • Abrams Main Battle Tank
  • M578 Light Recovery Vehicle
  • M110 8 Inch Self-Propelled Howitzer
  • M60A3 Main Battle Tank
  • M59 Personnel Carrier
  • M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle
  • M102 Towed Howitzer
  • M548 Tracked Cargo Carrier
  • DUKW Amphibious Transport
  • M106 Mortar Carrier
  • M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
  • M901 Improved TOW Vehicle
  • M43 Ambulance
  • M1897 Field Gun
  • M4A3 Sherman Tank
  • F-86A
  • MIG-21
  • RF-4C

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