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Commanding General’s Letter

T0: All Service Members (Reserve, Active & Retired), Families, and Friends of the Military

The Gowen Field Memorial Park continues to develop with the help and support of many of you. Sidewalks, landscaping, trees and street Brick Dedicationlamps have made this area a beautiful location to reflect, remember and honor those who are serving or have served in our State and Nation’s military. As the Memorial Park takes shape, we are just beginning our efforts to make this a fitting memorial to all Service Members and their Families who have and continue to sacrifice so much to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy in this Great Land.
Recent progress was marked with the first installment of brick pavers as we celebrated Memorial Day. The first of six formal benches to surround a future fountain is in place with more on the way. As we continue this project with your help, we plan to add other benches for visitors to relax on, a memorial archway to welcome visitors into the park, a small outdoor amphitheater, and a fountain complete with a memorial brick plaza reflecting the names of past and present Service Members, Families, and Friends of the Military who would like to preserve the memory of their service, or the service and contributions of loved ones, relatives or friends.

In order to complete these additional phases of the project, we could really use your help. The not- for-profit Gowen Field Memorial Park commemorative coinFoundation has designed and produced a commemorative coin. There are a limited number of serial numbered coins still available for $30.00 each, and non-serial numbered coins for $15.00 each. You can view the coin’s design and download an order form to purchase the commemorative coin on the Donations page.

Another way to help is through the purchase of an etched commemorative brick for a friend or loved one. These bricks can be etched with the names of Service Members, Family Members, Friends, Businesses, Dates of Service, Rank/Branch, and/or personal messages. There are 2 sizes of bricks for sale. One is 4″ x 8″; and the other is 8″ x 8″. Bricks make perfect one-of-a-kind gift or remembrance that will live as a bit of your history for generations to come. In addition, donations are also gladly accepted. Please visit the Donations page for the order forms to purchase a commemorative brick and remember that these purchases and donations are tax deductible.

I want to thank you for the many past and future sacrifices that all of you, your Families, Friends and Employers endure in defense of this State and Nation. Each of you will be a part of this Memorial Park. It will honor your service and the support of Family, Friends, and Employers. I hope that you will help us make the Gowen Field Memorial Park a place that future service members will use and one they can be proud of. This memorial is dedicated to all of you who have given so much and asked for so little in return.

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