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PASS IN REVIEW is the the official newsletter of the Idaho Military Historical Society which is published quarterly.  Some but not all previous editions are available here as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files.  Listed below are some of the significant stories that have been featured in the newsletter. 

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People In The News

(Listed Alphabetically)
Idaho File Into History 
Stories of Idahoans with a proud military history. 

 Volunteer(s) of the Quarter 
 We would not be where we are today without our volunteers!  Here is where you can meet some of them. 

Articles Of Interest

148th Field Artillery/Forty-First Infantry Division in Australia in WWII 3rd Quarter 20004th Quarter 2000 (See Also Australia

148th Field Artillery History (Abridged) during WWII, Call to Arms - 1940,  Chapter 1 2nd Quarter 2004

Idaho History Day Winners
See Teachers & Kids for the complete listing

Korean Conflict Commemorative Editions
     1950 -
3rd Quarter 2000 - David B. Bleak - Medal of Honor Recipient

     1951 -
1st Quarter 2001Idahoans Get The Call - 116th Engineers
Reginald Rodney Myers - Medal Of Honor Recipient

     1952 - 1st Quarter 2002 -  More Idahoans Get The Call - 148th Field Artillery
                                     Herbert A Littleton - Medal of Honor Recipient

     1953 -
1st Quarter 2003 -   190th Fighter Sqdn Gets The Call 
                                                James E. Johnson - Medal of Honor Recipient

Minidoka Relocation Center
- 2nd Quarter 2001 (One of the Japanese American Internment Camps during WWII) 

The Battle of White Bird Canyon, Part I - 3rd Quarter 2001 (The beginning of the Nez Perce War)

The Battle of White Bird Canyon, Part II - 4th Quarter 2001  

The Cottonwood Skirmishes - 3rd Quarter 2004 (The second battle of the Nez Perce War)

Women's Air Service Pilots  1st Quarter 1998  (WASPs) at Gowen Field

The History of the Idaho Air National Guard -
 2nd Quarter 2005


Idaho File Into History


Nate 'Blackie' Adams - 3rd Quarter 1998  (WWII Veteran) 

Vernon Joseph Baker
- 4th Quarter 2000  (Medal of Honor Recipient - WWII) 

David B. Bleak
- 3rd Quarter 2000  (Medal of Honor Recipient - Korea )  

George B. Bennett
- 2nd Quarter 1999  (Former Adjutant General of of Idaho) 

Genevieve E. Boguslawski
- 2nd Quarter 2006 (First Idaho Female to Wear The Snake) 

Joseph M. Braun
- 4th Quarter 1998  (WWII Veteran)  

James S. Brooks
- 4th Quarter 2006  (WWII Veteran and Former Adjutant General of of Idaho) 

Leonard C. Brostrom - 2nd Quarter 2004  (Medal of Honor Recipient - WWII) 

Richard T. Clemens - 2nd Quarter 1998 
(WWII Veteran) 

Albert H. Capwell - Spring 2017 
(Former Adjutant General of of Idaho) 

Betty Miller Corn - 1st Quarter 2007  (First Woman to join the Idaho Air National Guard)  

Dorothy Still Danner - 1st Quarter 2005  
(WWII Navy Nurse & POW) 

Daniel W. Davis
- 1st Quarter 1999  & Spring 2015 (POW, WWII) 

William H. 'Bill Drumm
- 3rd Quarter 2011  (WWII B-24 pilot/trained at Gowen Field) 

Jessica A. Ellis
- 1st Quarter 2011  (Bronze Star Recipient) 

Bernard F. Fisher
- 2nd Quarter 2000  (Medal of Honor Recipient -Vietnam) 

Ed W. Freeman
- 2nd Quarter 2002  (Medal of Honor Recipient - Vietnam) 

Paul R. Gowen
- 3rd Quarter 2003  (For Whom Gowen Field Was Named) 

John Green
- 4th Quarter 1999 & 3rd Quarter 2000  (Medal of Honor Recipient - Indian Campaigns) 

George L. Harper
- 4th Quarter 2011  (Farragut Naval Training Station Graduate) 

Willard "Bill" Heath
- 3rd Quarter 2007  (WWII Veteran and member of Idaho's 148th Field Artillery) 

Richard Clamor Heise
- 4th Quarter 2004  (Medal of Honor Recipient - Indian Campaigns, Founder of Heise Hot Springs, Heise Idaho) 

DeVou Dee Evan Humphreys
- 3rd Quarter 2010  (WWII Veteran, founder Farragut Naval Training Station's "Horse Therapy") 

Arthur J. Jackson
- 4th Quarter 2002  (Medal of Honor Recipient - WWII) 

James E. Johnson
- 1st Quarter 2003  (Medal of Honor Recipient - Korea) 

Lenore C. Johnston - 1st Quarter 2008  (WWII Veteran-WAVE) 

James Kephart
- 4th Quarter 2003  (Medal of Honor Recipient - Civil War) 

Thomas G. Lanphier, Jr.
- 2nd Quarter 2005  (WWII Ace, Navy Cross Recipient, Founder of Idaho Air National Guard)
 Contrary to information published on other webpages, the Air Force has not modified its decision and the credit for the downing of Admiral Yamamoto is split between Thomas Lanphier and Rex Barber. 

Herbert A Littleton
- 1st Quarter 2002  (Medal of Honor Recipient - Korea)  

Nicholal Meaher - true name Maher -
Summer 2016 (Medal of Honor Recipient - Indian Campaigns)

Robert D. Maxwell
- 2nd Quarter 2003  (Medal of Honor Recipient - WWII) 

Michael McCarthy
- 3rd Quarter 2001  (Medal of Honor Recipient - Indian Campaigns

Mervin G. McConnel
- 3rd Quarter 2002  (Former Adjutant General of Idaho) 

Edward McConville
- 3rd Quarter 2004  (Commander, Company A, First Regiment of Idaho Volunteers.  This eventually became the Idaho National Guard) 

Reginald Rodney Myers - 1st Quarter 2001  (Medal of Honor Recipient- Korea) 

William Kenzo Nakamura
- 2nd Quarter 2001 (Medal of Honor Recipient - WWII) 

Thomas C. Neibaur
- 3rd Quarter 1999 & 2nd Quarter 2000  (Medal of Honor Recipient - WWI) 

Willliam "Bill" Norman - Summer 2014 (WWII Veteran-Served on the USS Enterprise)

William Russell Parnell
- 4th Quarter 2001  (Medal of Honor Recipient - WWII) 

William H. Smith - Winter 2014
(Medal of Honor Recipient - Indian Campaigns)

Lynn Southwick - Fall 2013
(Gowen Field WAC)

Ray Louis Servatius - 1st Quarter 2004 
(POW, Korean War)  

Guy Simpson - 4th Quarter 2008  
(First Idaho Volunteers) 

Nicole Washington Smith - 1st Quarter 2010  
(Apache Helicopter Pilot-IDARNG) 

Nathan K. (Junior) VanNoy - 1st Quarter 2000 
(Medal of Honor Recipient - WWII) 

David Vickers - 4th Quarter 2009  
(Civil War Veteran, Former Adjutant General of of Idaho)

Volunteer(s) of the Quarter

Melvin 'Mel' Adamson - 2nd Quarter 2001 

Charles Ake -  1st Quarter 2008 

Harlan Andrijeski - 4th Quarter 2004 

Gayle Alvarez - 3rd Quarter 2000 

Steve Bonde - 1st Quarter 2007

Terry Curtis - 1st Quarter 2004

Doug Doehle - 3rd Quarter 2002

Bryan Johnson - 3rd Quarter 2003

Rick Johnson - 2nd Quarter 2005 

Kyle Kahm - 2nd Quarter 2006 

Fran King - 4th Quarter 2002  (We are deeply saddened to report that Fran King passed away in August 2014.  Our deepest sympathies to her family.  She will be greatly missed)

William C. "Bill" Miller - 2nd Quarter 2004 

Jeff Packer -
3rd Quarter 2004


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