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The Idaho Military History Museum has a great need for volunteers to conduct an effective museum and educational program. The museum is looking for the volunteers with the following skills:

Museum Docents and Living History Volunteers
    We need docents (tour guide/Museum host) for mi
dweek and weekend.

    The Museum WWII Living History Group is looking for new recruits.

    Guys: If you are at least 16 years old, have parental permission, and completed a Hunter Safety Training Course, you are elegible to become a member of the group. If you are interested in becoming a WWII Re-enactor, please contact us. 

We are looking for female Living Historians to portray Military Nurses and Home Front Ladies to expand our public event displays. We are especially interested in forming a medical group that can staff our new military ambulance. If you are interested in becoming a WWII Living Historian Re-enactor, please contact us.


    Display construction and diorama layouts.  We also have a number of display cases that need to be repaired before they can be used to display artifacts.

Oral History Development
    Lots of stories need to be recorded before it is too late.  There is a lot of interest in this project, we need a project director.

Fund Raising
  We are a non-profit organization trying to build up an Endowment and maintain day to day operations.   We are also looking for experienced Grant Writers.

Historians and Historical Researchers
We have several items and projects that need a good historical researchers touch. 

If you're interested, please send us an e-mail or call the museum at (208) 272-4841.

If you are a military retiree, veteran, military history buff, or student who enjoys history and wants to help serve the community, give us a call, we have just what you are looking for!  


Too often, valuable artifacts are lost just because people don't know what they have.   The World War I generation not much more than a page in a history book.  The World War II generation is leaving us at an ever increasing rate. 

Mementoes, personal histories, and artifacts that they brought back from the war and that have been in that old footlocker in the attic often end up in a swap meet, antique shop or worse the local landfill.  Weapons that are historically significant are often turned over to police agencies and melted down.  Unit rosters, letters and photographs end up in the trash during spring cleaning.  Instead of throwing them away, donate them to the museum!   Even if it is an item we already have a great number of, we can use them to create a living history. 

Remember, donations are tax-deductible.  Need some specifics?

We are looking for information on the "North Idaho Exploring Expedition."  We know it took place sometime in 1899 or 1900 and that it had a commander by the name of William S. Brackett.  It also had a scout by the name of William C. Bryan.  They also had an official letterhead but that is all the information we have.  We contacted the state and national archives and they had no record of it.


WWII POW camps located throughout Idaho.  Specifically seeking information and photos.
The known camp locations are: 
Blackfoot, Franklin, Emmett, Farragut, Filer, Fort Hall, Idaho Falls, Marsing, Payette, Pocatello, Preston, Rigby, Rupert, Shelley, Sugar City, Thomas Upper Deer Flat and Wilder.   Farragut and Rupert were the base camps.  


WWII Pocatello Army Air Field/Base.  Specifically seeking information and photos. 


 Idaho Military Academy Yearbooks.  1973 forward.


Rosters for classes that Trained at Farragut's Naval Training Center during WWII. 

    For more information, see our Farragut page:  [Farragut (WWII Naval Training Center)]

One of the areas that we need artifacts in is weapons, especially small arms.   American rifles and pistols from all wars and, of course, captured weapons.   These are the tools of warfare and we could use a wider variety for educational purposes.  If you have  items that you are unsure of please call and we can discuss the items.


 We are looking for Iraqi Freedom Artifacts.  We would like to expand our exhibit on Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom.  We are looking for items used during those operations to include unit patches. 

We are looking for Korean War Artifacts.  Any Korean War era uniforms or mementoes are welcome, needed and appreciated.    

We need folks interested in data entry.  This work can only be done at the Museum Thanks to some generous donations from some of our members, we were able to purchase a software program which will better enable us to maintain our ever growing collection.  The software is installed, now we need the data entered into the system from the donation forms.
Materials to build large cases, to house the two mannequins we do have.  We are in need of wood, Plexiglas and other materials.

We are looking for Boon Dockers - Brown shoes from the WWII and Korean timeframe.

Attention Ladies! We are looking for Women's Marine Corps Uniforms from WWII and on. 
If you still have yours and would like to give it a good home, please let us know.


WWI Field Gear 

A WWI Rifle Cartridge Belt

WWII Field Gear, especially USMC Canteen Covers

Persian Gulf War Web Gear

116th Engineer related items from Vietnam

133rd Combat Engineer Battalion items from WWII

183rd/951st Field Artillery items from WWII

Desert Storm field gear

USS Boise and USS Idaho Artifacts


We are looking for two  Photographs:

The Minidoka Irrigator stated that photos of the Ambassadors To Tomorrow, the 300 volunteers from the Minidoka Relocation Camp, were available for sale at the Co-op.  We have been unable to locate a legible copy of the photo; even the state archives don't have one.  If you have one we can copy or scan, we would very much appreciate receiving it. 

2)  The second one is a picture of Idaho Air National Guard aircraft.  The photo, a copy of which is pictured here, was an illustration in the Adjutant General's 1951-1952 report to the Legislature, and hasn't been seen since!  The photo was titled Flight of Four, the photographer is unknown.  One of our historians is writing the story of the Idaho Air National Guards 190th Fighter Squadron and needs the photo. 




As a 501(c)(3) non-profit; we depend on the generosity of individuals, groups and corporations to keep our doors open.  Daily attendance and gift shop sales only cover a small amount of what it takes to operate the Museum.

So, we need your help! Become a Society Member! Donations to the museum are tax-deductible and we have several membership plans.  Details and membership benefits are on our "IMHS" page.  Need a membership application?  
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Need More Ideas? 

 The Idaho Military Historical Society welcomes corporate sponsorships and memorial funds.  Please also remember the Museum when considering estate planning.  For more information on these programs, please contact us.