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Connecting you to The Information you need

As a researcher, I know how frustrating it can be to find credible information sources on the internet.  These are some of the better ones I have found. 

As a courtesy to the Idaho National Guard, this link will take you to the 2015 Idaho National Guard Economic Impact Study. 

For questions or comments concerning it, please contact Dick Turner at 208.422.5471.  (The Museum staff will not be able to answer your questions.

How to Respect and Display Our Flag Booklet

Printed in 2003 as a U.S. House of Representatives document under the direction of the Joint Committee on Printing.  The booklet provides a concise history of the flag, and sets forth in a clear and informative manner the various practices and observances appropriate to its display.  The booklet, 56 pages in length, can be downloaded from the Internet at:


For more information about U.S. flag etiquette, please review the following links.


If your deployed service member is a Marine and you would like to send a them a message, you can do so through this website.  It is called Motomail. 


If you want to support a Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Marine, or Coastguardsman in harm's way but have no idea what to send, who to send it to or how to sent it, check out these links. 

These sites feature e-mails from service members regarding the type of support needed in the field.  Service members' whose names are listed have volunteered to deliver packages and letters to anyone who receives little mail. 






This site has several suggestions for sending care packages to military members as well as several other helpful links. 


This second page on our site provides links to a number of legitimate Veterans benefits webpages.


A nice website dedicated to Idaho soldiers.  http://www.idahoheroes.org/

Are you looking to obtain your service records or that of a friend or relative?  This site tells you where to obtain the ones you are looking for and links to the forms you will need.     



If you are seeking Naval records, this site may also be of assistance:



Not quite sure which file you need?  Try this site: 


Are you needing to obtain copies of documents from the National Archives but unable to make the trip to Washington DC or do it online?  Below is a list of historical and genealogical researchers who will undertake searches for a fee.  This list is provided for your convenience; The Idaho Military Historical Society does not endorse any of these independent researchers, and assumes no responsibility for their work.




This is the best "one stop shopping" site I have found to date for credible information and links.  Lots of military and state sources and resources here.



another good one is www.CountyOffice.org  It offers links to city, county and state contact information.

This is another great "one stop shopping" site.   The United States Army Military History Institute has a lot of information available on line.  Here is a starting point.


This is site has a lot of information and a number of out of print books from the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Looking for information related to the Navy?  Try this site. 



If you are seeking information on WWI or WWII Navy matters, try this site.


Looking for information related to the Air Force?  Try these sites. 

http://www.airforcehistory.hq.af.mil (Air Force History Office)


http://www.afhra.af.mil (Air Force Historical Research Agency)

http://www.armyairforces.com/ResearchHelp.aspx (lots of links for researching Army Air Corp/Air Force history)

Looking for information related to the Marine Corps?  Try this site. 

http://www.history.usmc.mil (United States Marine Corps History Division)

Looking for information on the Vietnam War?  Try this site. 


Was your ancestor an officer in the Regulars between September 29, 1789  -  March 2, 1903  Volume 1, Part II of The Historical Register And Dictionary Of The United States, sometimes called Heitman's Register or Dictionary is now available on line.  This version is even searchable.   


Did your ancestor serve in the Army during the Civil War?  The multi volume work
The War Of The Rebellion:  A Compilation Of The Official Records Of The Union And
Confederate Armies,
is now available on line.



Did your ancestor serve in the Navy during the Civil War?  The multi volume work
Official Records Of The Union And Confederate Navies In The War Of The Rebellion,
is now available on line. 


Looking for information on the various units that served in the Civil War? 
Dyers Compendium Of The War Of The Rebellion
is worth looking into. 

This link is a unit listing. Select the drop down menu for the state your are interested in. 



This link is a work in progress to a state by state version of the book.


This is the webpage of The Idaho Civil War Volunteers.  They are a Civil War Reenactors group located in Boise, Idaho and often participate in events at the Idaho Military History Museum.


see also:  http://sites.google.com/site/icwvpictures/

Did you ancestor serve in the military during the Civil War or during the Indian Campaigns?  If so, the battlefield he fought on may be under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.  They may not have  information on your relative but they will be able to help you with information on the battle he was in. 

http://www.cr.nps.gov/military.htm   or    http://www.nps.gov

The National Park Service also has an on-line bookstore/gift shop at:


Many Civil War (and earlier!) publications are on line courtesy of Cornell University. 

The Civil War editions of Harpers Weekly are on line.  The text is searchable and the images are incredible! 
LOTS of great links to other photos, maps, etc.   http://www.sonofthesouth.net/

Were you a member of the Medal of Honor Historical Society; the organization first founded by Ed Murphy in 1978?  The Medal of Honor Historical Society has been revamped and reincorporated.   Here is their new webpage with all the details.   http://mohhsus.com


Each state has a National Guard and most of them have a Museum Activity.  Below is a listing of those Museum's with webpages. 
   Not every Museum has a webpage so not all states are listed.

Arizona Military Museum - http://www.azdema.gov/museum/index.html

Arkansas National Guard Museum - http://www.arngmuseum.com

California State Military Museum - http://www.militarymuseum.org  (Museum closed in March 2014.  Reopen date not yet established)

Florida - Camp Blanding Museum - http://www.campblanding-museum.org

Florida - St. Francis Barracks Museum - http://dma.myflorida.com/?page_id=407

Idaho Military History Museum - http://museum.mil.idaho.gov  (You are here!)

Illinois State Military Museum - http://www.springfield-il.com/attract/military.html

Indiana - Camp Atterbury Museum - http://www.campatterbury.in.ng.mil/Facilities/Museum/tabid/685/Default.aspx

Iowa National Guard Gold Star Military Museum - http://www.iowanationalguard.com/History/Museum/Pages/home.aspx

Kansas - Museum of the Kansas National Guard - http://www.kansasguardmuseum.org/

Kentucky Military History Museum - http://kynghistory.ky.gov/history/

Louisiana - Jackson Barracks Military Museum - http://geauxguard.com/index.html (Museum and webpage are being restructured)

Maine Military Historical Society Museum - http://mainemilmuseum.org/

Maryland Maryland Museum of Military History - www.marylandmilitaryhistory.org

Massachusetts National Guard Military Museum - http://states.ng.mil/sites/MA/resources/museum/default.aspx

Minnesota Military Museum - www.mnmilitarymuseum.org

Mississippi Armed Forces Museum - http://www.armedforcesmuseum.us

Missouri - Museum of Missouri Military History - http://www.moguard.com/museum-of-missouri-military-history.php

Montana Military Museum - http://www.montanaguard.com/museum/index.cfm

New Jersey - National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey - http://www.nj.gov/military/museum

New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center - http://www.dmna.state.ny.us/historic/about.htm

Oklahoma - 45th Infantry Division Museum - http://www.45thdivisionmuseum.com

Oregon Military Museum - http://www.ormilmuseum.org/

Pennsylvania National Guard Museum - http://www.pngmilitarymuseum.org/history/png_history.html

South Carolina National Guard Museum - http://www.scmilitarymuseum.net/

South Dakota National Guard Museum - http://mva.sd.gov/natl_guard_museum.html

Texas Military Forces Museum - http://www.texasmilitaryforcesmuseum.org/
- Fort Douglas Military Museum - http://www.fortdouglas.org

Vermont - Vermont Veterans Militia Museum and Library - http://www.vtguard.com/museum/

Virginia Virginia National Guard And Ft. Pickett Museum - www.vnghs.org

Washington National Guard Museum - http://washingtonguard.org/museum/

Wisconsin National Guard Memorial Library and Museum - http://www.wvmfoundation.com/wi-national-guard.php