Gowen Field Memorial Park - Gowen Field, Boise, ID


There are currently three ways you can help to fund this project. You can purchase an engraved brick (which will be placed in the amphitheater), you can purchase a commemorative coin, or you can fund one of the benches that will be going in around the fountain.

Purchase an Engraved Brick:

We are selling personalized engraved bricks and corporate bricks that will be a part of the memorial. The bricks come in two sizes. View the order forms below for more details.  (They are in Word format so you can fill them out on the computer, print them out and send them in.)

Brick Sample - Click for larger image 4" x 8" $50.00 4x8 Order Form
8" x 8" $100.00 8x8 Order Form

The next brick laying dedication will be 8 November at 2:00 p.m. Click here for a flyer.

Purchase a Commemorative Coin:

We are selling coins commemorating the Gowen Field Memorial. View the order form below for more details.

Coin Sample - Click for larger image Limited Edition Coin (500 numbered) $30.00 Order Form
Memorial Coin $15.00

Click here for a high resolution image of the front of an unnumbered coin.

Purchase a Bench:

Corporate Donation Level:
 Six-foot concrete classic bench, horizon back with bronze memorial plaque & engraved lettering.
Size: 72” l x 26” w x 36” h., weight 653 lbs.

Cost: $1,600.00

Bench Standard Plaque Sizes:
8” x 2” plaque
8” x 3” plaque
10” x 4” plaque

14” x 12” plaque (Special)

Shown as: Exposed aggregate tan blend pea gravel legs, Sandblast beige color seat and back. Special 14” x 12” plaque.

Contact 208-272-3826 to inquire about bench donation.