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arragut, Idaho
Where Fightin'
Blue Jackets Were Made!

Nestled at the foot of the Coeur d'Alene Mountains in the Bitterroot Mountain Range and named for Admiral David Glassgow Farragut, a Civil War Naval Hero, Farragut, Idaho welcomed its first Naval recruits on 17 September 1942.

From then until 10 March 1945 when the last class graduated, Farragut was the second-largest U. S. naval training station in the world.  It was also one of if not the largest employer in Idaho.  During the 30 months it was operational, Farragut trained 293,381 recruits and over 25,000 service school attendees.

It was originally believed that 19 states sent Naval recruits to Farragut. It has since come to light that there were 24 (and counting!)  They were Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas,  Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. 

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Images of America; Farragut Naval Training Station

Written by Gayle Alvarez and Dennis Woolford, IMHS Board member and Farragut Park Ranger respectively, this book is a photo history of the Farragut Naval Training Station which was located in north Idaho and was operational from 1942-1946. 

If you order your book from us, we will include a 4-page index of those named and pictured in the book. 

10 September 2016 is the date for the 2016 Annual Farragut Veterans Reunion.  It will be held at Farragut State Park.  Updated flyer coming soon.  


Farragut Veterans, we have a bit of a mystery on our hands.  Several of the 1944 company photographs have a member of the company holding a shield or sign with a rooster on it.  One of the shields reads, "Try And Take It!" so we are presuming that the rooster was something positive.

Here is a composite photograph of 4 such rooster shields and the company photograph the images came from.  If you can solve the mystery of the rooster, please contact us.   

Update:  The Rooster flag was the top award given to the company that won the weekly marching and drill competition.  It would have rotated each week to that weeks winning company.  The rooster flag got your company a ride to the front of the line at chow where you would crow as you strut past everyone else. 


Click here for  the story of Dee Humphreys and the Farragut Naval Training Stations Riding Academy - "Horse Therapy" (see page 5)



Click here for  the story of George Harper, Farragut Naval Training Station Graduate (see page 2)


We have a wonderful collection of vintage photos taken at the Station but a very small collection of the class photos and even fewer artifacts.  We have a small exhibit on the former Station but we need your help.  If you have any Farragut items or WWII Navy items you can share with us, please contact us!

Below are a few of the class/company photos that we do have.

Below is a class picture of Company 154-44, Regiment 2, Battalion 8.  The class graduated on March 15, 1944.

Russell Groenevelt, top row, 7th man from the right, entered the Navy from Michigan on January 28, 1944. After boot camp he was assigned for further training to LCS (PAC) Oceanside, California.  In February 1945 he was in the Solomon Islands to prepare for the invasion of Okinawa.  He was a Carpenters Mate 2nd Class repairing Landing Craft at Boat Pool Baker on Okinawa.  He was discharged in December of 1945.

Special thanks to Russell's son for sending us this photograph.  If you have a copy of the roster that accompanies this photo, we would very much appreciate receiving a copy of it. 

Below is a class picture of Company 561-1943, Regiment 5, Battalion 17.  The class graduated on Aug 30, 1943.  Harold Roy Manley is in the photograph.  After completing his 'boot' training, he transferred to the hospital.  Special thanks to Harold's daughter for sending the photo, roster and a searchable database of the roster.  Click here to access it.



Below is a class picture of Company 852-43, Regiment 5, Battalion 20.  The class graduated on Nov 12, 1943.

C.L. Winter in in the second row, 5th from the right.  After leaving Farragut, he went on to serve on the PT boats in the southwest Pacific and participated in the invasion of the Philippines.  Special thanks to Charles Winter, C.L.'s son, for sending us this photo.


This photo is of Company 4022-44 Regiment 2, Battalion 5, D.A. Andreani Commanding.  The class graduated July 6, 1944.

George E. Grow is 4th row up and 14th from the left.   A special thank you to his son for sending us the photograph.

Following his graduation from Farragut, George went to San Diego for additional training before being shipped overseas.  He was eventually sent to Yokohama after the end of the war and was discharged at Bremerton, Washington in February of 1946. 

If you have a copy of the roster that accompanies this photo, we would be very interested in receiving a copy of it. 

Below is a class picture of Company 1080-43, Regiment 4, Battalion 14, - U. S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION - FARRAGUT, IDAHO - M. D. ELLIOTT C.Sp. Co. Cmdr. Jan. 21, 1944

 One of the recruits is Jack W. Birdsall.  Jack is in the second row on the bottom.  From the left he the 6th person to the right.  Special thanks to Jack's daughter, for sending us this photo.

Below is a class picture of  Company 5031, Regiment 2, Battalion 6 (December 26, 1944).  Special thanks to John Kinser whose father Howard C. Kinser, is in the picture.  He is in the bottom row, second person on the right. 

Howard arrived in Farragut from Oklahoma by way of California and served in the Navy from 16 September 1944  to 19 November 1945, rising to the rank of Machinist's Mate (CB) Equipment Operator, Second Class.  John also graciously sent a searchable version of the Roster.  Click here to access it.



The first photo is of Company 4002-44 (February 15, 1944). Special thanks to James Lucey whose father James C. Lucey is in the picture, Third Row from the bottom, Fifth person (Left to Right).  This is a VERY large graphic but the quality is very good and all faces are clearly discernable.

J.C. Lucey arrived in Farragut from Montana and after graduating served at the submarine base in Valejo, California, eventually making his way to the Philippines where he supported the Pacific Submarine Fleet in the war against Japan.

The second photo is a roster of the names of those in the photo.  The graphic is also very large so it may take a while to download.  The names are very clear so it is well worth the wait!

Below is a class picture of Quartermaster School, Section 11, Service Schools, Farragut, Idaho.  Graduation exercises were held on Dec. 8, 1944. 
Loell R. Streit, is standing in the front row, third from the right.  He served as a Petty Officer 2nd Class on the USS Karnes.  His home town was Pocahontas, Iowa.   A special thank you to his granddaughter for sharing the photos with us.




The first photo is of Company 178-43, Regiment 1, Battalion 1, U.S. Naval Training Station , Farragut, Idaho - F.M. Kellett C.Sp. Co. CMDR. April 14,1943.  The second photo is the accompanying roster. 

Special thank you to Theresa Adkins, daughter of James E. Braddock, Carol  Trowbridge, James Braddock's niece and Dennis, Farragut State Park.  


This photo is of Company 2020, Regiment 4, Battalion 13, J. Gleason C.Sp. Co. Cmdr., October 31, 1943

Special thank you to Phil McGovern of Chicago, IL whose father, Emmett G. McGovern, is located front (bottom) row, 4th from right.  After Farragut, he served the Navy as a Sheet Metal Specialist working on Airplanes in Alameda, California.


The first photo is of Company 82-44, Regiment 3, Battalion 9, U.S. Naval Training Station, Farragut, Idaho, E.R. Hill Co. Cmdr, February 17, 1944.  The second photo is of the accompanying roster.  Francis D. Nash is in the photo; 5th row, 5th from the right.  After Farragut, he served as a Radarman on board the USS Blue Ridge.

A special thank you to Francis' daughter for sharing the photograph with us.


The Station was not only a training center for boots, it also had service schools for cooks and bakers, radiomen, quartermasters, signalmen, storekeepers, gunners mates, electrical personnel, shore patrol, instructors, dental technicians and classification Interviewers.  The service schools were initially located at Camp Peterson but later moved to Camp Gilmore. By April 15, 1945, the ten service schools had graduated a combined total of 25,943 students. 

Pictured here is Signal Men School - Section 113 - US Naval Training Center - Farragut, Idaho - Sept 15, 1944. 
Louis Magallanes, graduated with the class and is standing in the bottom row, third from the left. 

We do not have a roster for this class. 

A very special thank you to Louis' son for sharing the photograph.


Robert E. Bush attended Naval Medical Corps Basic Training at Farragut, Idaho, graduating in February 1944. 
He then continued his training at Farragut, graduating from the Hospital Corps School on or about April 28, 1944. 

Bush was a Navy medical corpsman during the Battle of Okinawa and at the age of 18, was the youngest sailor to receive the Medal of Honor during World War II.

Fred Faulkner Lester also attended Naval Medical Corps Basic Training at Farragut, Idaho, graduating in December 1943. 
Lester was a Navy medical corpsman during the Battle of Okinawa where he earned the Medal of Honor in June 1945. 

He trained with Company 954 at Camp Ward. 

John H. Bradley, up until June 2016, was thought to be one of the flag raisers at the second flag raising at Iwo Jima.  As it turns out, he was in the first flag raising photo and not the iconic He attended training at Farragut and went on to receive the Navy Cross. 

If you have any information on when he graduated Farragut, we would very much appreciate receiving it.  We do not have his exact graduation date, neither do we have his class photo.

Other notable graduates and staff include:

Don W. Samuelson who went on to become a state senator and then governor of Idaho.
William W. Laxson who went on to become the state surgeon for the Idaho Army National Guard
Leo F. Buscaglia who went on to become a successful writer and motivational speaker; often referred to as "Dr. Love."
Arthur Mercante who went on to become a world famous boxing referee.  It was he who refereed the 1971 match betwen Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.  Mercante was a 'Boot' company commander at FNTS and also part of  the physical fitness program there.   He was at the Station from  15 Sep 1942 to 20 Sep 1944.

If you have photos of WWII Farragut you would like to share, please feel free to e-mail them to our webmaster.
We are also looking for the rosters that accompanied the photos. 

We are especially in need of the following rosters as the ones we have are damaged and missing names:

Company     Year
   49              1944

   64              1943
 109              1944
112              1943
 152              1942
 178              1944
 181              1942
 312              1943
 392              1943
 396              1943
 590              1944
 689              1943
 966              1943
1044             1943
5017             1944

Please be aware that due to size and space limitations, we can not add all of the photos to our webpage.