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Museum Attractions

The Museum has something for everybody!  These images do not show all the exhibits we have but give you a feel for what the Museum has to offer.  (New photos in progress)

As you first enter, please sign our guest book. it is at the Gift Shop on your left. 

As you enter the museum, on your right is an exhibit on Paul Gowen, Gowen Field's name sake. 

Next to the Paul Gowen exhibit is a  vintage PT-23, a WWII trainer aircraft.   Next to the PT-23 are three exhibits displaying items used by those at Gowen Field during WWII.  These exhibits include military as well as personal items. 

Behind the PT-23 are two exhibits on
military rations and how they changed over the years.  Exhibit also shows how what the soldiers used to eat their rations with has also changed.     

Our Navy Exhibit.  It pays tribute to the Navy of all wars and includes several display cases.  Included in the exhibit is a piece of the USS Boise, a section of steel plate removed from the Bridge of the U.S.S. Boise (CL-47) which arrived in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard 19 November 1942 for extensive battle damage repairs that it sustained in the battle with the Japanese at Cape Esperance. 

Here also is where our new exhibit on the
Farragut Naval Training Station is located.  This photo is of one of the display cases.

Our Vietnam Exhibit.  Again pictured here are just a few of the highlights. 

Along the back wall are:

A tribute to Idaho's Medal of Honor Recipients.
We have two actual Medals on exhibit; the Civil War (Navy) Medal earned by Gurdon H. Barter and the Korean War (Army) Medal issued to David B. Bleak. The Air Force medal on the right is an official Medal of Honor for museum exhibit purposes.  It was not actually issued to an individual but is used to tell the story of Col Bernard Fisher.  

Other exhibits include
Medicine in War
Distinctive Unit Insignia and Medals.

Special Forces
(Complete with a Yarborough Knife, manufactured by Chris Reeve Knives in Boise, Idaho and carried by many service members in Iraq and Afghanistan)
We also have a new exhibit on Idahoans in the Spanish American War.

As you enter the Museum, if you turn left and go past the giftshop, you come to the:

Air Force and Idaho Air National Guard Exhibit.  Included here are:
Flight suits, headgear, and numerous photos which cover a part of the history of the Idaho Air National Guard.  The exhibit also includes tools and gear vital to aviators and a mannequin in an F-4 flight suit with flight gear.  
Also included are representations of
Air Force and Air National Guard involvement in the Global War on Terror.
It also houses the Dan Davis POW collection.  Dan was a POW in Germany in WWII; you can read his story in our 1st Quarter 1999 newsletter Pass In Review on our Newsletter page. 
This area also includes both an F-4 Cockpit simulator and an F-16 Cockpit simulator
F-4 Cockpit Simulator

Next to the ANG exhibit on the left side is:
WWI Exhibit
Adjutant Generals Patch and McConnel Exhibits.

General Patch saw action in WWI and also served as the Adjutant General of the Idaho National Guard from 1913-1915 and again from 1919-1922.
General McConnell was the Adjutant General from 1925-1946.  To read his story, see our 3rd Quarter 2002 newsletter Pass In Review on our Newsletter page.

We also have a separate room that features WWII equipment used by Germany, Japan and the United States
These are some of the exhibit cases on WWII military equipment.

We also have a sizeable reference library. 
We hope to have an index of titles her in the not too distant future.

And of course, don't forget our gift shop! 
We have a large assortment of books and models that relate to the exhibits.

We also have a nice static display of military vehicles outside the Musuem.   

This includes: M1IP Abrams Main Battle Tank
M578 Light Recovery Vehicle
M110 8 Inch Self-Propelled Howitzer
M60A3 Main Battle Tank
M59 Personnel Carrier
M728 Combat engineer Vehicle
M102 Towed Howitzer
M548 Tracked Cargo Carrier
DUKW Amphibious Transport
M106 Mortar Carrier
M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
M901 Improved TOW Vehicle
M43 Ambulance
M1897 Field Gun
M4A3 Sherman Tank

This webpage only highlights a few of our Exhibits.  It really must be seen in person to be truly appreciated!