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The IMHS has proudly sponsored several Idaho History Day Competitions.  

Idaho History Day 2013 was April 6, 2013.  The theme was "Turning Points in History: People, Ideas and Events"

And The Winners Are:

              Jessica Clemente and Emma Forsberg of Lake Hazel Middle School. 
                       They took First Place in the Military History Catagory with their exhibit entltled:
Operation Sealion

               Kate Roth of Highlands Elementary School.
                      They took Second Place with her exhibit entitled:
 The Astounding Mustard Gas of World War I

                Levi Bailey and Bryan Black of South Middle School.
                      They took Third Place with their exhibit entitled:
  Our Darkest Days-13 Days of the Cuban Missile Crisis




Idaho History Day 2012 was April 14th, the theme was Revolution, Reaction, and Reform in History.
Due to technical difficulties we were unable to attend the event.  As such, there is not a Military History winning entry this year.

The theme for Idaho History Day 2011 was "Debate and Diplomacy in History:  Successes, Failures, Consequences." 
And the winners are:

Alex Guerney and Michael Collier from Rupert Elementary whose project was "Flying Tigers" AVG

Ted Reed from Kellogg Middle School whose project was "Marshall Plan"

Abby Hutchison and Jackie Hamblen from Burley Junior High whose project was "Korean War"

An Honorable Mention was presented to:

Emma Nelson from Blackfoot whose project was "Cosmic Challenges"

Congratulations to all!

Below are the winners from past Idaho History Days.


The theme for Idaho History Day 2010 which was April 16, 2010, was "Innovation in History: Impact and Change."

And the winners are:

Senior Best Project

Asher Trapp whose project was on the ME 262

Junior Individual Best Project

Clayton Lords whose project was on the P51 breaking the sound barrier

Senior Honorable Mention

Nolan Dillard whose project was on the Stealth

Junior Honorable Mention

Aaron Vail whose project was on the Gatling gun

Senior Group Project

Ryan Winningham, Chase Taylor and Robert Allred whose project was on the evolution of gunpowder.


Idaho History Day 2009 was April 10.  The winner was:

Asher Trapp from Riverstone Community School in Boise

Receiving an Honorable Mention is:

Madelyn Parkey from St. Stanislaus Tri-Parish School in Lewiston.


Idaho History Day 2008 was April 11.  The theme  was:  "Conflict and Compromise In History."  None of the exhibits fit the criteria the Board established for a Military History category, as such, there was no winner for 2008. 


Idaho History Day 2007 was April 13, 2007 at Albertson's College.  The theme was:  "Triumph and Tragedy in History."

 The winning entry in the Military History category was by Jessica Hodge of Hayburn, Idaho.  Her exhibit tells the story of her grandfather who served as a Marine in the South Pacific during World War Two.   


Idaho History Day 2006 was March 11.  The theme  was:  "Taking a Stand in History: People, Ideas, Events."  As most of the presentations were students impersonating an individual, there was no  winning exhibit in the Military History category. 


Idaho History Day 2005 was held on April 15, 2005, it's theme was  "Communication in History: the key to understanding."  Due to a last minute change of venue and scheduling conflicts, the IMHS was unable to attend the event.


Idaho History Day 2004 was April 16th.  

Congratulations to Claire Stevens of Riverstone Community School.  Her award winning entry "The Great Crusade":  How Eisenhower Finalized The Plans For D-Day While Encountering Problems, Exploring Solutions, And Exchanging Ideas, was selected as the winning entry in the Military History Category on Idaho History Day. 

The exhibit has 3 sides, this is a photo of side one.

Below are photos of the winning entries from the 1998 - 2003 Military History Category. 

        2003 Idaho History Day Winners Click here
        2002 Idaho History Day Winners Click here
        2001 Idaho History Day Winner Click here
        2000 Idaho History Day Winner Click here
        1999 Idaho History Day Winner Click here
        1998 Idaho History Day Winner Click here

2003 Idaho History Day Winners

"Detain, Don't Destroy; The Rights Of POWs" The exhibit was created by Chase Johnson.


2002 Idaho History Day Winners

1st Place - "Pearl Harbor:  An American Revolution, Reaction and Reform"

Presentation created by: Ian Marshall of Canyon Elementary/Cataldo 
Ian's project was a documentary so no photo of it is available.  


2nd Place - "The Atomic Bomb:  A Revolution in Warfare or the End of the World"  

Presentation created by: David Phenis of Lowell Scott MS.  
David's project was a documentary so no photo of it is available.  


3rd Place - "Camp Rupert"  

Presentation created by: Chelsey Parkin of Burley JH. 
It depicts the German POW Camp located in Rupert Idaho during WWII.  

There were also two Honorable Mentions:  
Spenser Rikhoff & Eric Clausen of Lowell Scott MS 

 "The Gatling Gun"
This project was a documentary so no photo of it is available. 

 "Navajo Code Talkers"

Exhibit created by: Dan Royle - Lowell Scott MS.  It tells the story of the Navajo Indians during WWII and how their native language became an unbreakable 'code.'


2001 Idaho History Day Winner

"High Heels and Trench Coats, Women Spies from the Civil War to the Present" 

Exhibit created by: Morgan Klambenes and Megan Hug -
St. Stanislaus in Lewiston



2000 Idaho History Day Winner

"Pickets Charge: High-Water Mark that Turned The Tide"

Lillian Azevedo, student at Borah High.  Lillian was also chosen to make per presentation at the National Archives in Washington DC  (1 of 4 in the nation to be so honored).

(UPDATE:  Lillian graduated from the University of the South in May 2005 with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Environmental Studies.   She has continued with her interest in archaeology and history, working on both paleo and historic sites in Tennessee.  She also helped discover and map part of General Braggs retreat, as he passed over and through the University Domain in 1863.  She was accepted to two graduate programs in the UK where she will studied Maritime Archaeology.  As of 2015, she has a PhD in Archaeology, is teaching part time at Flagler College in St. Augustine, and is working as an archaeologist for SEARCH.   


1999 Idaho History Day Winner

"Weapons of the Civil War"
Exhibit created by: Chris Mayhew, Xian Li, Steven Lee, Colin McGrath - Eagle Middle School


1998 Idaho History Day Winner

"Bataan Death March"

Exhibit created by Elyse and Hillary Thonssen, pictured here with Governor Batt
(Their exhibit was also displayed at the Boise Town Square Mall)



"Because I have the privilege of working with Idaho's veterans on a daily basis, I see firsthand the sacrifices they made to protect the freedoms we enjoy.  Only a few of us have that opportunity, however, and it is important that we all remember the price they paid.  To me, the museum is not about glorifying war.  It is about teaching the youth of today, and future generations, what took place, where, and why it happened."  
        - Gary Bermeosolo, Administrator, Division of Veterans Services,
                               February 1998


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