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Historical Gowen Field



Pictured here are photos taken at Gowen Field in the early 1940s and in 1954.  

 WWII     1954



Gowen Field, March 1941


Photo courtesy of Maxwell AFB.

Gowen Field, April 28, 1942

Photo courtesy of Maxwell AFB.


Building T-303 
    "The morale office"The Morale Office, also known as the athletic and recreation office, was opened in January of 1942 and was located in Building T-303.  Bld T-303 {top center of photo} was the first home of the Idaho Mililitary History Museum.

irst Lieutenant Paul R. Gowen

For whom Gowen Field was named. On July 23, 1941, the Statesman announced "Gowen Field" as the new title for the "Boise Air Terminal".  The name honored First Lieutenant Paul R. Gowen, a former Caldwell resident, who died in a plane crash on July 11, 1938, near Panama after a motor in his twin-engine bomber failed. An exhibit on him was recently unveiled and can be viewed on the Attraction page.

Click here to read his story - 3rd Quarter 2003  (This is a 2003 newsletter article)

Photo courtesy of Maxwell AFB.   

Original Main Entry Gate to Gowen Field

The Main Gates original stone pillars, which date back to WWII, were moved to the Idaho Military History Museum in July 2003. 
They were located about a mile outside the boundaries of the current Gowen Field. 
In March 2015, the pillars were moved to the Gowen Field Memorial Park.

Click here for pictures of the move to the Museum.  File is in Adobe Acrobat.



Post Card purchased at Gowen Field in the early 1950s.

Special thanks to Jim Kelly for sending us this photo.  


B-17 Crew #12, "Yankee Doodle"


The Crew was assembled The crew was assembled in Sept. 1942 at Gowen Field and flew B-17E's.
After leaving Gowen Field and for their 50 missions they flew B-17Fs. The crew was together all through the 3 months of training in the States and were together until Sept 11th, 1943. On July 5, 1943, they flew their 26 mission. Their participation in this mission helped earn the 99th Bomb Group a Presidential Unit Citation.
Back row:  (Left to Right):

James A. Burkhardt, Ball Turret Gunner
Almus W. Shively,
Radio Operator/Gunner
Irvin L. Bud Herrmann,
Right Waist Gunner
Sam I. Crisler,
Left Waist Gunner
Robert M. Carlton,
Engineer/Top Turret Gunner

Front row:  (Left to Right):

James E. Richardson, Tail Gunner
William E. Humes
, Co-Pilot
James S. Flex, Navigator/Gunner
Dean W. Shields, Pilot
Arthur B. Cozine, Bombardier/Gunner

Special thanks to Arthur Cozine for donating this photo.   

B-24 Crew #34 

Front row:  (Left to Right):

George G. Ronnenkamp, Engineer
John C. Baldwin
, Radio Operator
Grady B. Yawn, Nose Gunner
James E. Kincheloe, Ball Gunner
ames T. Pleak, Waist Gunner
Sidney Bergman
, Tail Gunner

Back row:

William H. Drumm, Pilot
Thomas J. Massey, Co-Pilot
George D. Iseminger, Navigator
Robert V. Bertram, Bombardier

Crew #34 trained at Gowen Field from December 1944 to March 1945 prior to being sent to the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations. 
They were Number #1 Crew in their Class at Gowen Field.  

Special thanks to William H. 'Bill' Drumm for sending us this photo.  Click here to read Bill's story. (Begins on page 4)

This actual  photo helped reunite two of the crew members. 
Click here to read the incredible story!  Article is entitled,
A Webpage Reunion. 

B-24 Crew #45

This photo is believed to have been taken at Gowen Field in early 1945.  If you can identify the crew member whose name is unknown, please contact us. 

Back row:  (Left to Right):

Charles E Smith, age 20, Baton Rouge, La., Bombardier
Fred W Bader, age 25, Hondo, Texas, Pilot
Charles W Baucom, age 19, Charleston, N.C., Co-pilot
Frank W Knowlton, age 23, Ogden, Utah, Navigator

Front row:  (Left to Right):

Louis R Spencer, age 35, Ashtabula, Ohio, Waist Gunner
Joseph F Ingram, age 19, Palm Beach, Florida, Ball Gunner
Harvey Blanchard, age not listed, Bellows Falls, VT, Engineer & Top Gunner
Elden W Brandley, age 20, Liberty, Ind., Radio Operator
Clarence E Casey, age 23, Oklahoma, Nose Gunner
Renner (full name & home town unk), Tail Gunner 

Special thanks to Robert Bader who's father Fred is in the photo.    

B-24 Crew #57 

Richard P. Hinz (front row, 2nd on the left) is the father of Chris Brinkley who sent us this photo.  The photo was autographed by the crew but some of the names are not legible. 
If you can help identify any of these crew members, please e-mail us.  

Back row:  (Left to Right):

Unknown; F/O Stephen E. Ar___________, Statin Island, NY
2nd Lt. Kay Spencer, Middleburgh, NY
Walter C. Crump, Dover, Missouri,

Front row:  (Left to Right):

Cpl Orville Anderson, Saturn, South Dakota,
Richard P. Hinz, Radio Operator and Aerial Gunner
PFC Ronald Christison, Canon City, Colorado Ball Gunner
CPL Tolburn Henderson, {Greenbay Wisc?} Armore Nose
Unknown; Unknown

B-24 Crew, Gowen Field Number not known

This photograph, courtesy of the family of William Malcolm Conway, was taken at Leece Airfield, at Leece, Italy, date unknown.  It is believed that they trained at Gowen Field.  The family is looking for any additional information on their time in Idaho.

Pilot:  Paul C. Bent Jr. Lt.

Co Pilot:  William Malcolm Conway

Navigator:  David K. Boland Lt.
Bombadier: Frederic P. Benfer Lt.
ADO:  David A. Kuehl Lt.

Engineer:  Michael J. Kollar T/Sgt

RO:  Daniel W. Keogh Sgt

Nose: Thomas J. Musto S/Sgt
LW: Robert K. Jelinkek Sgt

Ball: Roy S. Horton Sgt

Tail: William G. Wright Sgt

Camera: Joe Stallings Sgt


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(This is a 1998 newsletter article)

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In October 1954, Airman 3rd Class Lowell Ueland from the MNANG, attended the Air National Guard Gunnery Meet at Gowen Field.  He was part of a Crash/Rescue detachment, below are some of the photos he took.   

  Home Sweet Home, Enlisted Barracks - WWII Era   

   Crash Rescue Operations at Gowen Field in October 1954

F-86 and 0-10 Crash Rescue Truck 


POL  Operations and Flightline Photos

Flightline Buildings                      Maintenance Hanger Photos

Airman 3rd Class Lowell Ueland 

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