Historic Past. Proud Future.


Planning For The Financial Future



The Society is growing rapidly but to sustain its growth and continue to meets its goals, it will be necessary to increase and stabilize a strong financial base.  With your help, we can expand our displays and collections, our library, our tours and lecture series and be open seven days a week.

Our Vision:  To provide endowment and capital funds to create a financial base which will ensure the preservation of Idaho's military heritage for future generations.  

Our Goal:  An endowment of $500,000.

Where Are We At Now?  Our current endowment balance is $163,940.50 

This endowment will allow us to operate the Museum with one full-time staff member and provide adequate funds for developing our displays, library materials and outreach programs throughout the state.

The endowment and capital funds campaign is your opportunity to assist in maintaining the mission of the Idaho Military History Museum which has been established for the purpose of "preservation, display and interpretation of military history and artifacts that have a geographical, cultural, or historical tie to the people and state of Idaho."


How Can You Help?  

On June 30, 1993, the IRS granted the IMHS a temporary 501(c)(3), Non-Profit, tax-exempt status. and on May 25, 1999, thanks in part to the efforts of Mr. Phil Reberger and then Senator Kempthornes office, the IRS granted the IMHS permanent 501(c)(3) status. 

This means that donations are tax deductible.

Donations can be made to the endowment: 

      In memorial to an individual
  As part of your estate planning
      As part of your charitable contributions for tax purposes.  Download Endowment Form

You can also donate on line with a credit card through our partner Networkforgood.org.  They will notify us of your donation.  All information they provide to us is confidential; we do not sell or provide any information to other groups or organizations. 

Do We Have Support For This?  Yes we do!  We have received letters of endorsement from several prominent citizens of the state of Idaho as well as members of Idaho's congressional delegation.  


Also, the next time you purchase something on line, the Museum can receive a commission on your purchase.  The only catch is that you have to access the retailer through this website: 

The number of businesses that are listed is sizeable and include everything from Home Depot to Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, 1-800flowers, even ebay will donate a portion of your purchase to the Museum.


Please remember the Idaho Military Historical Society and Museum when planning your annual charitable donations.