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School Visitation Program
Schools classes are welcome and encouraged to take a tour of the museum.    
Tours can be designed for elementary through college level. To find out more about this educational resource, please contact the
Museum at 272-4841 or e-mail us by clicking here
If budget constraints prohibit your group from traveling to the Museum, contact us; we may be able to come to you. 

The IMHS is a proud sponsor of the

Idaho History Day Competition. 

We have sponsored Idaho History Day since 1998; many of the winning entries have been displayled at the Museum.    
      click here for the names and photos of their winning entries.

The Theme for Idaho History Day 2014 is Rights and Responsibilities.  State finals are scheduled for 12 April 2014


Idaho History Day 2013 was April 6, 2013.  The theme was "Turning Points in History: People, Ideas and Events"

And The Winners Are:

              Jessica Clemente and Emma Forsberg of Lake Hazel Middle School. 
                       They took First Place in the Military History Catagory with their exhibit entltled:
Operation Sealion

               Kate Roth of Highlands Elementary School.
                      They took Second Place with her exhibit entitled:
 The Astounding Mustard Gas of World War I

                Levi Bailey and Bryan Black of South Middle School.
                      They took Third Place with their exhibit entitled:
  Our Darkest Days-13 Days of the Cuban Missile Crisis



Other cool stuff:

     If you would like to send a deployed service member a message, you can do so through one of these sites.  Concerns about the safety of regular mail delivery prompted the military to suspend the "To Any Service Member" letter-writing campaign. 






     Learn about Idaho in the Spanish American War  Click here

        Learn about the Nez Perce War  Click here 

        Learn about Idaho Soldiers in Australia during WWII
                (And meet some folks from Howard Springs Primary School) Click here 


Be sure and check out our NEWSLETTER page for other stories about Idaho's Military History.


"Because I have the privilege of working with Idaho's veterans on a daily basis, I see firsthand the sacrifices they made to protect the freedoms we enjoy.  Only a few of us have that opportunity, however, and it is important that we all remember the price they paid.  To me, the museum is not about glorifying war.  It is about teaching the youth of today, and future generations, what took place, where, and why it happened."  
        - Gary Bermeosolo, Administrator, Division of Veterans Services,
                               February 1998